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Raise heat addition design of type selecting of flow valve of systematic adjustm
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Discharge control valve, in the heat addition system of meterage, have very important place. Accordingly, how to undertake the type selecting of discharge control valve and design correctly, appear particularly crucial! The article reachs working principle proceed with from the construction of discharge control valve, raise the question that should note in the type selecting of control valve and design. Be in lukewarm in the type selecting design that charges a powerful person, in single out what be the same as caliber with conduit is lukewarm charge a powerful person while, what give make choice of even is lukewarm the requirement of the work that press difference that accuses a powerful person to cause an ideal; Dynamoelectric control valve is the facility that discharge adjustment has in applying to computer supervisory system, the heating power that guards in unmanned value more commonly is used in the station; Adversary dynamic balancing for the law, the adjustment of the valve of characteristic curve analysis that how uses valve function, how to solve valve to spend the valve below the circumstance to cause the problem that causes soda water to attack a phenomenon easily in small; The least to when from force type flow control valve is designing type selecting, noticing valve has job asks poorly.

It is OK that heat addition system executes hot meterage managing the sources of energy, improve heat addition system can effect. Current the current situation, of system of our country heat addition can only 30 % control effect. People often notes the hot loss of boiler and outer net only, and oversight hot user heat loss due to radiation. Heat up user heat loss due to radiation, because cold heat all is not caused,basically be, break an appointment of this part hot caustic is 30 ~ 40 % , be quite considerable. Heat addition system does meterage, from energy-saving angle consideration, basically be the energy-saving latent capacity that digs this part.

Meterage basically adopts 3 approaches macroscopical and energy-saving: It is furnish above all discharge control valve, achieved discharge balance, overcame cold heat then not all phenomenon; It is to pass next lukewarm the function that controls a powerful person, the freedom that used the device such as solar energy, home appliance, illume is hot; The 3rd it is the energy-saving consciousness that raised to use hot dweller, those who decreased to open a window to wait is meaningless medicinal powder hot. And these 3 energy-saving ways, having 2 among them come true through discharge control valve. Visible, discharge control valve, in the heat addition system of meterage, have the place with important what kind. Accordingly, how to undertake the type selecting of discharge control valve is designed correctly, appear very important.

One, lukewarm charge a powerful person

1, radiator is lukewarm the construction that charges a powerful person and working principle
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