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"Man " sit drive try 08 Kaidilakekaileide
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Show congested road to going up slightly in Shanghai 08 Kaileide this colossus loafs about everywhere, although dimension exceeds 5 meters, che Kuanchao crosses 2 meters, it does not appear awakward however, agile drill accuses function to make us relaxed You Yi at ave lane, fashionable exterior, threatening bully gas, bring so that passerby stops watch, this kind of feeling that plays wind can appear in vogue Shanghai, the elegant demeanour of 08 Kaileide sees one spot.

The SUV of full measure is represented, dimension of automobile body of triumphant thunder mind is 5142 × 2008 × 1927(mm) , wheelbase is 2946mm, with old money Kaileide is indiscriminate, depend on the exterior of old style to design, square Founder outline, remind the American flavour of dense. Group of the headlight before badge mark and the design of cut of perpendicular type diamond that glittering and translucent get rid of shows two side are haloid combines the Kaidilake with the aegis of bully gas the chromic grille that take energy of life, marked plating, plus before bumper and automobile body form whole. Exalted and bully energy of life is very. Caudal dambered surface is designed, fore-and-aft taillight, large plating chromium is acted the role of with LED brake lamp, do not break simply martial. 285/45 R22 tire and the aluminium alloy hub that eletroplate completely are unusual grab an eye, but this is to choose outfit, what mark matchs is 265/65 R18 tire. The Kaileide that compares old money increased the dynamoelectric footplate that welcome guest, exceed the large SUV of 200mm to a road clearance, this kind is configured or comparative human nature changes, remember trying the experience that drives LX470 last, basically be " climb " of cockpit. Use very convenient also, when opening door, it goes out from move, after door is shut a little while, call in automatically.

The exterior that even bully enrages when, can saying only is one of Kaileide's characteristics, not be him is the biggest sell a site, this big guy is having extremely rich, luxurious configuration. Open door, step to enter a car easily on the footplate welcoming guest that goes out from move inside, I sit inside the abdomen with chunk big head, feel my what do not have existence is general, wide seat, I stretch my hand below normal sitting position almost cannot feel sit in deputy driven friend.

Liquid crystal of type of 8 inches of feeling shows screen became mark to match, contain AM/FM of in front of, DVD/ CD/mp3 advanced driver reachs passenger entertainment system, improve than old money many. Drive environmental memory memory, but set parameter of 2 drivers individuation.