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The installation of control valve
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When installing control valve, want to make sure its function is insusceptible as far as possible. This kind of influence can destroy all sorts of elements of consideration of the place when control valve chooses.

1) on control valve, the installation that cuts off a powerful person and bypass a powerful person downstream

On, cut off the straight canal end length between a powerful person and control valve to spend pipeline of Lv of take an examination downstream obstruction and the influence to fluid flow condition. Be in charge of paragraph of length to grow continuously, be helpful for the stability after fluid classics cuts off a powerful person, can make fluid flow smooth, reduce turbulence effect, reduce noise; Be in charge of paragraph of length weak point continuously, after fluid classics cuts off a powerful person, had not stabilized enter control valve, make noise increases, but be in charge of paragraph of length weak point to be helpful for reducing pipeline resistance continuously, raise control valve two end are pressed fall, make the distortion of discharge character is reduced, the stability that is helpful for controlling a system moves. Accordingly, should balance advantages and disadvantages, integrated consideration. According to experience, upriver side is normally due the straight canal of 10D ~ 20D paragraph, the straight canal that downstream side has 3D ~ 5D paragraph (D is conduit diameter) , should set rectification plant when necessary.

Control valve disassembles when maintenance, usable bypass a powerful person undertakes operating to producing a course. Pass when discharge be accusinged big, when using control valve to cannot adjust normally, regard lash-up as measure, a powerful person of usable also bypass regards the collateral join of control valve as plan, opposite Cheng undertakes controlling. To reduce cost, large requirements control valve installs handwheel actuator, replaceable bypass a powerful person undertakes operating. The installation of bypass a powerful person should facilitate operation, it and control valve and on, cut off a powerful person to form control valve group together downstream. Accordingly, when installing control valve, answer with cut off a powerful person and consideration of form a complete set of bypass a powerful person, complete construction installation at the same time. Diameter of nominal of bypass a powerful person and conduit nominal diameter are identical, compression grade also agrees with craft compression grade.

2) the relief valve, installation that puts empty a powerful person, blowdown a powerful person

To facilitate control valve disassembles, the with the pressure after a powerful person release before a powerful person must have before disassemble, relief valve should be installed in control valve and on, cut off a powerful person downstream between. Put what empty a powerful person and blowdown a powerful person use at discharging the carry secretly in the fluid not to coagulate gas and condensate, when if is installed, be accused the fluid is gas or vapour when, be facilitating condensate discharge, installation of appropriate of blowdown a powerful person is in the lowermost place of control valve group; And fluid be accusinged is a liquid when, do not coagulate to facilitate of gas discharge, put installation of appropriate of empty a powerful person to be in the top part of control valve group.
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