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The improvement of dynamoelectric control valve is designed
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Improve above all designed nozzle box, make former fast close a powerful person to control nozzle directly no longer, rise only advocate steam valve and fast the action that involves a powerful person, its hotshot is moved switch is moved with automatic, hand fast close, cancelled its timing function; Former fast pilot involving a powerful person a nozzle and pilot of the first auxiliary a powerful person two nozzle are controlled by the dynamoelectric control valve of new design. Former the 2nd auxiliary a powerful person still is withheld, call auxiliary a powerful person, action is changeless.

The dynamoelectric control valve of new design by dynamoelectric actuator drive, pass gearshift gear decelerate, the lever of a powerful person of the valve that combines by size a powerful person makes horizontal way move, make valve leaves shut, rise to adjust the action of the quantity taking steam of turbine. Spend in small when taking steam, the adjusting control ability with young superior a powerful person is able to fill minute of play. Dynamoelectric actuator sets handwheel of on the spot, can hand of on the spot uses control dynamoelectric control valve, still set electronic-controlled box, but beyond is apart from electronic-controlled and dynamoelectric control valve, the personal computer that also can pass central station of floating dock undertakes automata to dynamoelectric control valve. This adjusting control function of dynamoelectric control valve can be satisfied completely advocate turbine group, back a car the requirement of each operating mode, because pump of this steamer loop came true,start, move and stop the automation of machine.