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Principle of job of piston discharge control valve reachs application
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Control valve of discharge of piston of the RKV that company of German VAG valve produces, RKV RIKO. Piston discharge control valve and use as only the butterfly a powerful person that cop cuts off and brake a powerful person are different, piston a powerful person is can contented all sorts of special adjustment the valve of the requirement. Its adjust the function is to rely on to be similar to piston shape cylinder to make axial motion come true inside antrum of a powerful person, direction of the current inside its journey and canal is consistent. Current enters case from axial arc shape, the flow path inside piston a powerful person is axial symmetry form, the fluid sheds outdated to won't generate turbulent flow. The change of flow path area is to pass axial of conduit of edge of a piston to do sharp movement implementation. No matter the piston is in why the position, the water inside antrum of a powerful person no matter the piston moves any positions, inside antrum of a powerful person no matter the current section of any positions all is cricoid, contract to axes in exit, achieve thereby optimal prevent cavitation erosion, the cavitation erosion that prevents because of reduce expenditure likelihood to arise thereby is mixed to body of a powerful person the destruction of conduit.

Body of a powerful person of piston a powerful person designs a whole, have high throughput capacity, degree concern into linear with discharge, avoid effectively cavitation erosion and shake. Inner casing has clipper-built diversion costal region and crust to be linked together, stainless steel piston is guided bring reliably slip, put an end to generation to tilt or move not free. The end panel of inner casing upper reaches orbs, make current fashions process of a gradual change, the piston is operated with installation in the brace connecting rod inside housing. Piston a powerful person uses a metal to be opposite metal and metal and balata are double and sealed, achieve two-way bleb level sealed. Because this achieves sealed system service life to grow thereby, shut rigor.

Because the structure of piston a powerful person is special, according to operating conditions different, the type that the character crossing water of a powerful person can give water mouth to export a part downstream with a powerful person will adjust (can change exit component) , get used to the operating mode requirement of different goal thereby, achieve first-rate attune to spread the effect. Exit adjustment component has 4 kinds: The first kind of E, have cut turn to take carry a downstream cross section with the edge continuously abrupt enlarge structure, eliminate cavitation erosion to destroy thereby. Apply to accuse to flow, high pressure is poor, the circumstance with great back pressure, and cut turn is taken straight, cross section magnifies the structure can reduce cavitation erosion effect suddenly. The 2nd kind of S, the oriented part that its shut has groovy sleeve. Apply to accuse to flow, adjust high-pressured difference and the enough circumstance with great back pressure, its adjustment gender and fluid condition match, can achieve relatively the effect of beautiful. The 3rd kind of F, in export department of body of a powerful person cent is had short diffuse tubal action, apply to adjust reach open shut a circumstance, have switch effect. Start loss of the head when shutting very small, the resistance when complete open is little. The 4th kind of LH or SZ, the oriented part that the piston inside antrum of a powerful person shuts was installed have the poriferous annulus net that prevents cavitation erosion, apply to adjust, prevent cavitation erosion, high pressure poor, back pressure is little (reservoir entrance is in) , its accuse to flow adjust character and operating conditions requirement are optimal match, achieved thereby remove cavitation erosion effect.
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