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Make ethical brand revitalize equipment manufacturing industry
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Equipment manufacturing industry is the fundamental sex industry that supplies technical equipment for economic society progress, it is the main mark that measures social comprehensive strength, be called " national back " .
Revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry is Ningxia implementation spans the inevitable alternative that type develops, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region makes " group of industry of Ningxia equipment manufacturing industry and specialization synergic form a complete set develops a program " , breach is accelerated namely form group of 6 big industries, concentrate the power of whole area, take the route of technical road and innovation, breed equipment to create bibcock enterprise and company of synergic form a complete set.
Automation appearance serves as one of 6 big group, will be bibcock with silver-colored star the sources of energy, form it is dominant with industrial automation appearance, the product such as machine of experiment of appearance of electrical engineering instrument, material, video machinery and equipment develops at the same time, enlarge Ningxia to specialization ceaselessly the group of instrument bearing industry of synergic form a complete set.
One, introducing a technology to innovate again is revitalized core
Innovation is the core that a company grows, and the development career that the enterprise made what kind of innovation strategy decide an enterprise. Silver-colored star the sources of energy (former Wu Zhongyi is expressed) in developing a process nearly 50 years, it is product innovation or administrative innovation no matter, lay advanced level of international, country from beginning to end, insist to recommend the development strategy that innovates again. In product innovation, not be simple ground is imitated, introducing however digest absorption foundation to go up, find out introduce a product to be in the error in producing a course and the place that do not accord with home to use environment and condition in use project, try to improve and be perfected to the product ceaselessly, go up in the difference of the product hard make an issue of, change on craft treatment method, connect those who pass for many times to improve, blended in oneself thing ceaselessly, roll out the product that has oneself technology content.
Enter 21 centuries, in automata technology to intelligence model, bus line, below the new condition that way of high reliability, tall adaptability develops, wu Zhongyi of silver-colored star the sources of energy expressed center of technology of business of company state level to had had the technical power of own development, proper motion research and development the G series, WB series control valve product that has own intellectual property. Pass the analysis of markets of pair of domestic automation appearance, the company formulated the development strategy that recommends the control valve technique with newest international from Germany again. Through 5 years of time, for many times, the improvement of type of tantivy of much place half step, optimize upgrade, rolled out new-style modular control valve of intelligence Ecotrol series, this series product had the honor to win the award of progress of science and technology of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and country, become at present one of mainstream products of control valve market.
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