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Wu Zhongyi expresses own research and development modular intelligence control v
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Wu Zhongyi expresses Inc. to cooperate actively with German ARCG company, introducing its control valve on the foundation of advanced production technology, be absorbed via digesting and combinative home is actual, undertake innovating independently developing ECOTROL modular intelligence control valve. Modular intelligence control valve belongs to new generation what high-powered, intelligence changes is brand-new product. Its technology water tastes house country banner level. This project wins first prize of progress of technology of 2005 year municipality.

ECOTROL is modular the demand that intelligence control valve can differ according to the user, undertake with the rapiddest rate core of a powerful person, valve base, a powerful person is covered etc inside a powerful person respectively matched stack; information system modular the structure is outspread in the structure to intelligence control valve, the installation do not have a canal that realized self-adjusting a powerful person to control gas route, modular production, tall interchangeability and diagnose a technology automatically, the chance that increased intelligence control valve greatly, report, plan unifinication degree, the dimensions that is helpful for intelligence control valve turns production. Current, the enterprise had been perfected modular the technology that dimensions of intelligence control valve turns production and craft, built the quality guarantee system with necessary industrialization.