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Defend judgement of appearance of heating furnace of type of accumulation of hea
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① temperature is common of breakdown decide with the processing technique:

If computer shows temperature and the steel that jockey observes are lukewarm abhorrent, if 0 ℃ are the place that circuit has short circuit, or heat idol polarity is received instead (positive pole of platinic rhodium thermocouple is better) ; If show temperature is the biggest, proof open a way, either heat was broken occasionally is compensation lead was broken; The temperature that shows like computer is too low, explain circuit contact is undesirable, measurable also the signal of spot, contrast the correct errors that the graduation watch of thermocouple or thermal resistance judges computer to show.

② discharge, pressure is common of breakdown decide with the processing technique:

Discharge, pressure can pass observation empty, light gas to deserve to compare, the numerical value that the color that reachs blaze indicates with respect to knowable place is exact. If computer shows the with observation steel of the value is lukewarm,not agree with, be like changeless from beginning to end, most circumstance is the problem that sampling manages; Be like from beginning to end on the low side or on the high side, most circumstance is difference is pressed or pressure changes send implement zero shift. Difference pressing and pressure change send implement output 4-20mA, put out sampling to be in charge of valve, to atmosphere difference is pressed or pressure changes send implement output electric current should be 4mA, force of computer middling pressure or discharge show the value should is 0. Difference pressing changes send implement exterior set zero bolt, suitable hour hand adds greatest outrage hour hand to reduce. (Furnace pressure except, because its span is ± 100Pa, reason,be 12mA to atmosphere, right now computer should show 0) . Furnace pressure can observe furnace door is eruptive the correct errors that condition observes to size judges computer to show, air conditioning is being sucked inside past furnace is negative pressure, it is evenly 0, eruptive it is to be being pressed. General and ejective flame is controlled in 50cm, furnace pressure is 20-30pa. Attention: Shut difference to change send implement when pressing sampling to be in charge of, sampling pipe is closed again after must opening balance valve first, when opening sampling to be in charge of, balance a powerful person involves after opening sampling to be in charge of first.

③ dynamoelectric control valve is common of breakdown decide with the processing technique:

Majority of dynamoelectric control valve is input of 220VAC power source, 4-20mA, output. If computer terminal does not have a powerful person show, whether does the input line that needs to check 4-20mA break a string, the contact contact that inputs module is good; If dynamoelectric control valve is not moved, need to check output circuitry, output the dot of module, coil of the starting electric capacity that examines electric machinery, electric machinery is in good condition.
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