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What is from force type control valve?
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Support shedding regards energy drive valve as automatic job via the pressure of oneself of the medium inside a powerful person, temperature, power source and 2 instrument are received outside needing. The feedback signal that from force type control valve uses a powerful person this kind to output end (pressure, press poor, temperature) deliver valve of actuator drive a powerful person or family to change valve through signal canal degree, achieve adjust the purpose of pressure, discharge, temperature. This kind of control valve is divided again for immediate effect style and indirect effect style two kinds.

Immediate effect style calls bedspring load type again, inside its structure bouncy yuan be like: The lukewarm bag of type of bedspring, moire canal, moire canal, use stretch force and the principle that feedback signal balances.

Control valve of indirect effect style, increased a pilot valve (priority valve) the enlarge effect that it has pair of feedback signal passes actuator next, drive advocate motion of valve of a powerful person of a powerful person achieves change a powerful person to open spent end.

If be pressure control valve, feedback signal is the outlet pressure of a powerful person, through signal the canal introduces actuator.

If be discharge control valve, the exit of a powerful person has an orifice plate (device of other perhaps obstruction) by orifice plate two end take out the signal that press difference to introduce actuator.

If be thermoregulation a powerful person, the exit of a powerful person has temperature sensor (lukewarm perhaps bag) the heat that passes the medium inside temperature sensor bilges cold shrink drive actuator.