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The sufficient body of the concept now
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Social progress is person and natural harmonious evolution. On June 25, 2007, hu Jintao puts forward clearly in the serious talk of Party school of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, scientific progress is watched the first should justice it is development, core is it is with the person this. The building is energy-saving the inevitable requirement that is view of progress of science of carry out travel, be the person holds in the mutual connection that pursues matter this concept, reflect a person truly in the building " dignity " . Guangzhou college town took the lead in walking out of the way of centralized education in the whole nation, first phase of Guangzhou college town (dale surrounds insular area) , construction area amounts to 18 square kilometer, the basis develops a program, student of 140 thousand college can be held after this area builds. Centralized education besides pull close outside the distance of each college communication, mainer meaning depends on energy-saving fall bad news. Is here energy-saving fall bad news circumstance after all how? The reporter is taking this problem to walk into Guangzhou college town, of executive close quarters interview.

"4 per cent " blend in a building main body is energy-saving

"The building is energy-saving, the key sees building design whether implementing energy-saving concept. " concerned personage tells a reporter so.

Energy-saving to architectural design made Guangzhou university wall technically energy-saving design standard, the regulation builds main body fractional energy savings to achieve 65%% , among them natural and ventilated energy-saving 25%% , palisade structure heat insolation and sunshade are energy-saving 15%% , energy-saving 5%% of condition of room outer shroud, construction equipment is reasonable design energy-saving 20%% .

The reporter sees here, design of the door that Guangzhou university city building builds, window, corridor is mature of draught form, natural and ventilated effect is distinct. The expert says, the palisade construction material of Guangzhou college town chose material of body of light qualitative heat insolation wall entirely, if block of ceramists Tong block, air entrainment Tong, agglomeration is hollow block, college town house establishs project complete floor area 520 more than square metre, used data of all sorts of new-style wall body in all 970626 stere, strong put an end to the use of sincere clay brick in college town, achieve the managing the sources of energy, goal that protects farmland. In roofing design, use 25 millimeter to squeeze the moulding with model board, 30 thick millimeter thickly entirely board, the air entrainment Tong with 130 thick millimeter is material of adiabatic heat-insulation layer; Window design set window wall area ratio outside, reduce the construction of wall of full glass act as far as possible, be in the part used perpendicular sunshade in public construction board, horizontal sunshade board substandard sunshade measure, heat considered to reflex the energy-saving glass such as plated film glass on vitreous select material.
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