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Gas pressure control valve has a pine to take off problem Xin Yage car of proble
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With respect to Chinese part area car of new generation elegant cabinet appears gas pressure control valve loosens phenomenon, this Guangzhou cropland is urgent yesterday call in media, announce to will rise from October 8, through engage by special arrangement of countrywide each district the sale serves inn to be these car freely to undertake the pine takes off measure check and be doinged precautionary.

It is reported, the car that produces this phenomenon at present shares 158, to came on January 15 this year 2 of the production between September 4. 0, 2. 4, 3. The car of whole set Xin Yage of 0 L, this car produced 57724 at present. But appear on the market car of 98 elegant cabinet, Odyssey, newly fly degree wait for a model to won't produce similar problem. According to Guangzhou chief of after service division explains this cropland, because area of our country part appears this year weather of infrequent high temperature, suffer high temperature effect, gas pressure control valve secures tigidity blocking claw to reduce, it is when car when bumpy transport travelling, the likelihood brings about gas pressure control valve to secure calorie of claw from secure a pine to take off, the influence is supplied to fuel, when phenomenal happening, speed can drop gradually, but do not have an influence to safety.

This controller expresses, this Guangzhou cropland from 6, market report is received since July, the area that produces this kind of phenomenon basically is centered in the southern province such as another name for Hubei province, Hunan, Fujian, short for Zhejiang Province, have the apparent regional amiable difference that await a gender, but drop as air temperature gradually, seldom can produce this phenomenon.