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Install control valve of a mental health to visit referral center of psychology
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How didn't Yuan Dingkun of soldier of ministry of total Dui Mou also think of armed police Shanghai, the member that squadron armament walks up in him works this before post, he still must pass strict psychological evaluation. On May 11, walk into referral center of mentality of total fleet of armed police Shanghai when the reporter, the boy is undertaking psychology is evaluated.

Psychology of hold state level seeks advice from the Shao Jinmei of certificate of case of persons qualified to teach to tell a reporter, what undertake evaluating to Xiaoyuan now is the cartel with general international exam of factor of 16 kinds of personality, if the special profession personnel such as athlete of air man, fire undertakes,basically be aimed at, include a few interest of concerned individual and attitude issue. It is for instance when assembly, your style of conversation freelies or keep silence; When you are lying, get inner shame whether greatly, dare not face up to the other side, etc.

Listening to Shao to seek advice from the introduction of division at the same time, the reporter sees small Yuanzai answering question at the same time. Choosing " when getting angry to me when somebody, I am met what kind of answer " when, xiaoyuan hesitated a bit 5, 6 bells, chose finally " try to make he comes down calmly " this answer.

Used nearly 50 minutes, xiaoyuan finished psychology to evaluate. After the communication that in Shao advisory division had many minutes 20 with him again, his evaluation result report evaluated a system to generate through psychology. Computer on show, xiaoyuan not only quite stable and it is mature to have a sentiment, working study is quite responsible, be full of the good mental health quality such as enterprise and enterprising spirit, the eager to do well in everything that still points out he exists has some of obstinate inadequacy. But overall assessment he can be competent armament member this one position.

"This psychology that we use now evaluates a system, it is current more advanced with what perfect. It can use a person -- machine dialog, the psychology that will finish the person that call in through operating system and application software of whole mentality test checks, generate a test automatically to offer advisory division reference as a result by the system. " Shao says the edge demonstrates to the reporter by the side of advisory division.