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Provide service of complete set control valve
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A branch in the dynamoelectric actuator that dynamoelectric control valve is GB11922 place regulation and a powerful person of of all kinds and dynamoelectric control that a powerful person comprises, go continuously namely programmed control makes valve. The dynamoelectric actuator here is the dynamoelectric water a powerful person that we roll out now is carried out implement. Add only outfit is dynamoelectric carry out implement control valve just can call dynamoelectric control valve, alone valve or carry out implement can not call dynamoelectric control valve. To dynamoelectric control valve character, valve is the foundation that satisfies all sorts of adjustment, carry out implement the core place that is dynamoelectric control valve. Control precision, dead band, answering difference to wait is by carry out implement of the decision.

About Hai Lin of own research and development carry out implement sale, we can be a client according to actual condition separate sale and provide service of complete set control valve. To manufacturer of large and dynamoelectric control valve, my department can be offerred alone carry out implement, in order to coordinate system of their a powerful person.