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Free of innovation plan passion is amounted to in " win " beer industry
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High great attenuant technology is the advanced technique that the beer on international and beverage industry had gotten applied extensively. The accuracy requirement of this kind of craft to environment, technological process, data is extremely strict, this raised taller requirement to modern automation system.

Regard the whole world as the leader inside banner automation product supplier, course of study, all sorts of innovation products that the stage amounts to electronic group apply already extensively in each domains, include all sorts of slashing sites. Recently, report is amounted to to connect in its subsidiary transmit news of victory, the beer former Mai Zhinong that unifinication solution amounts to to apply successfully already at some company in spends Gao Nong to spend attenuant system.

Gao Nong spends attenuant craft is to use saccharification and ferment equipment ferments the former wheat juice that gives Gao Nong to spend ferments fluid; adds gas of deoxidization water and carbon dioxide by certain proportion next, make the beer that gives the character that accords with a standard and high quality via sufficient concoct.

In this system, used a stage to amount to EH series to be able to make up text of series of transducer of series of Cheng controller, B, TP and electromagnetism flowmeter, pressure to change send implement, the automation product such as control valve, comprised the unifinication solution that devises for this beer product line only. EH series but program controller (PLC) transmit the data of pulse of real time high speed that come over to undertake conversion is handled through electromagnetism flowmeter, pass adjustable valve degree adjust water quantity, realized the whole process of dilute of chroma of former Mai Zhigao. The interface that human nature changes, reliable data, accurate system, between the automation product that makes the stage is amounted to without seam join to sink every production point, those who assured whole product line is efficient run.

Pass those who count day to make an on-the-spot investigation, this system increased production greatly efficiency and stability, reduce the content bad news and specific power consumption, labor intensity that reduced a working personnel, by the factory manufacturing technology asked to achieve the goal of automata, ensured production of factory on the safe side. The accord that gets a client reputably, they express to will continue to support an automation product that amount to in succession, hope to be able to maintain long-term and friendly collaboration relationship.

In recent years, report is amounted to to connect in rely on parent company stage to amount to the technical conformity ability with the product line with electronic complete group and powerful oneself, the tall sex price that offers to the client has made important competition ability than the solution. In textile, food treatment industry passes news of victory repeatedly, and this success application in beer production, report is being amounted to to connect in proving again is a brand that is worth reliance.
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