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Dynamoelectric control valve grabs anticipate opportunity
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9 years ago, be worth and stand year Bai Hongwei is resolutely refuse of envy making a person " iron rice bowl-a secure job " , the bosom is putting 3000 yuan of money, in stand a mountainous area leased an old factory building, a heat did to control instrument and meter plant in the look that other people indissolubles.

Bai Hongwei still retains the brushstroke order form of the enterprise up to now, in all 16 valve. Good year 30, the firm of boreal stage iron and steel that Bai Hongwei is heading ten people to hurry to Benxi undertakes spot equipment debug. The problem discovers ceaselessly in debugging, bai Hongwei uses the space that facilities of company of boreal stage iron and steel overhauls, ground of the without a stop that send a person hurrieds back saddle hill is made afresh. such, discover a problem, improve a technology, reinstall, changed in all finally hundreds component. Mention this paragraph of experience, bai Hongwei sighs with emotion unceasingly: "Discover the problem is not terrible, the key is how to handle an issue, can solve a problem with positive attitude, improvement process is the process that perfects ceaselessly. " after two months, when the 2nd batch of equipment undertake installing, the success is debugged in the factory only. 2002, heat accuses instrument and meter plant to garrison saddle mountain high new developed area, more the name does obeisance to Er to control limited company oneself for saddle hill, finished an enterprise to develop the first time on road to span.

Accidental, bai Hongwei discovers, the electronic type explosion proof that home produces is dynamoelectric carry out implement technical content is inferior, and 67 times the price that imports a product is homebred product value. He catchs the market perspective with this kind of wide product with the look of acumen, determination makes his fist product. Arrive from research and development make a prototype arrive again through attestation, use time of a month only. That paragraph of day, technical personnel often carries lamp night fighting, employee people the job reachs the level that forget food and sleep almost. In the invite public bidding of company of Benxi iron and steel, the product with one action that does obeisance to Er wins the bid, sell in those days give 449, open the market very quickly, become a company advocate make a product. After this, the company that do obeisance to Er produces the diverse demand of the spot according to the enterprise, develop the series product such as high temperature resistant, interference rejection ceaselessly again, came true to arrive from the skill that learns others the change of product of own research and development, was on the road of own innovation from this.

2005, bai Ercheng is the same as total bureau of the first batch of check be pledginged by the country in the industry to hold the company that has manufacturing license for the whole nation, the explosion proof of large moment of force of company own research and development is dynamoelectric carry out implement, high temperature dynamoelectric carry out implement, fight strong interference dynamoelectric carry out implement, RH heats up labour the product fill such as automation software home is blank, the product is spun gold of wide application Yu Ye, petrifaction, power station, gently, in the automation system of the domain such as city building, of the be worthy of the name in making trade of person of the same trade " a dark horse " .
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