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Daqing refine changes control valve of installation new hydrogen to gain multipl
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Daqing refine changes device of hydrogenation of white oil of company lube plant to installed control valve of new hydrogen discharge through carrying out a few days ago project of arrange of this one ability, gain multiple profit.

New hydrogen of device of white oily hydrogenation goes to be adjusted by operator spot into device discharge, pressure control of hand a powerful person, often switch is caused be linked together device presses muscularity extent to fluctuate with this unit system, influence safe production and increase hydric specific power consumption.

To solve this one difficult problem, technical personnel is added into unit part in new hydrogen outfit control a system oneself -- control valve of new hydrogen discharge, new hydrogen discharge and step up speed by advocate hold control in DCS, solved the multinomial difficult problem that exists in course of unit go into operation and production before effectively, because hydric pressure fluctuates considerably,eliminated the insecure element that causes to device, reduced staff work intensity greatly at the same time, went to the lavatory to operate.

Project of arrange of this one ability prolonged the service life of new hydrogen compressor greatly, lowered aircrew overhaul rate, managing overhaul charge 400 thousand yuan. It still can adjust new hydrogen to enter device discharge at any time, reduce device hydrogen bad news and specific power consumption considerably, year but RMB of managing and hydric amount to makes an appointment with 90 thousand yuan.