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Dynamoelectric control valve revises part of system of ventilated cooling water
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Company of phone of nucleus of hill of the Qin Dynasty:

You " send about the newspaper < part of system of ventilated cooling water of company of phone of Qin Shan nucleus is dynamoelectric control valve amends application > case " (nucleus of the Qin Dynasty installs case 〔 2007 〕 003) receive all.

Basis " safety of civil nuclear installation supervises People's Republic of China regulation " (HAF001) and " nuclear power plant is changed makings, revise and accident shutdown manages " (HAF103/01) concerned regulation, the application document that my bureau submits to you undertook careful is judged, think you are ventilated dynamoelectric control valve revises part of cooling water system application can be accepted, approve this application now.

You should undertake strictly modification according to the application of approval, make sure aircrew runs safety.

Two years on July 2

Thematic word: Nuclear safety of environmental protection nuclear power plant transforms an announcement

Copy to: National defence division is versed in appoint system 2 department, department of cable of nucleus of company of group of Chinese nucleus industry, nucleus of total bureau of national environmental protection and radiation safety center,