Gas pressure control valve may loosen 57724 Xin Yage are overhauled freely
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Reporter from Guangzhou this cropland Motor Corporation learns, control valve of pressure of gas of because the share is new elegant cabinet may appear the pine takes off a phenomenon, since today, car of new elegant cabinet advocate can arrive each are wide the technology that sale of this engage by special arrangement serves to inn accepts free inspection and adopt precaution to loosen improves measure. This second technology improvement involves this Guangzhou cropland to came on January 15 this year the car of 57724 Xin Yage that produces during September 4.
After this Guangzhou cropland receives the market that control valve of pressure of gas of car of new generation elegant cabinet loosens to report,
After via the market dogs and grinding with this cropland ability management center of quality of market of industrial company limited is analysed jointly, affirm, because southern this year summer is unusual high temperature, control valve of partly pressure of gas of car of Ou Xinya cabinet secures tigidity blocking claw to reduce, be in when car on bumpy and fierce road when travel, the likelihood brings about control valve to secure calorie of claw to loosen, affect the supply of fuel. According to Guangzhou staff of this department of cropland public relations introduces, up to now, beijing area did not receive the report that gas pressure control valve loosens one case. This kind of phenomenon basically is in the southern and upland area such as Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian centrally.