Simplify control loop
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Simplify control loop before carry out implement use pneumatic and electric control return circuit in great quantities, this increased systematic complexity, and forerunner electromagnetism a powerful person forms the control return circuit that uses working medium oneself inside a powerful person, structural terribly is simple. Multinomial technology parameter still gets a powerful person of domestic and international in the past electromagnetism limitation, domestic electromagnetism a powerful person connects diameter to already expanded now to 30Omm; Medium temperature is low to- - 200 ℃ , come high 450 ℃ ; Actuating pressure arrives from vacuum 25MPa. Behavioral time arrives from ten seconds a few millisecond. The new development of these technologies can replace original bulk completely already of the two position control with astronomical high price cut off quickly a powerful person uses switch a powerful person compatibly, dynamoelectric switch a powerful person, also can replace the pneumatic that adjusts continuously, dynamoelectric control valve partly. (how is ability satisfied better adjust precision requirement, later development even remark) . The industry such as foreign spin, light industrial, city building already converted in great quantities electromagnetism a powerful person, and the industry such as metallurgy, chemical industry takes the lead in using more and more electromagnetism a powerful person in support system.

Home accuses professional technology personnel to pay close attention to electromagnetism a powerful person increasingly already oneself.