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Olympic Games the first bed
2.56 meters, grew nearly 60 centimeters than common sickbed. From " bird's nest " recent Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital, order a hospital surely as the Olympic Games, special from abroad two custom-built pieces " giant bed " .
Pass a little button, common dynamoelectric sickbed break like that " lengthen " nearly 60 centimeters, also compare general sickbed at the same time wide. Allegedly, this hospital not long ago is in when for height pistil of 1.96 meters pistil of Zhao of women's volleyball famous general becomes an operation, discover sickbed length is insufficient. Although take step temporarily, solved a problem, but considering this Olympic Games, come from a whole world " great stature " more, this hospital is designed from the United States custom-built these two pieces " giant bed " .
There also are many tailor-made beds in Olympic Games village actually, but be in 2. 40 meters or so.