Shallow the installation that talks about control valve and debug
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As the progress of science and technology, the control valve that control fluid flow uses in producing process automation applies generally already at each industries. Control a system to heating power, chemical industry, regard medium of ultimate control process as the control valve of each quality and safe production index, produce in stability, optimize control, defend the action that reachs the respect such as overhaul cost control to rising to hold the balance. In the application of control valve, computation and type selecting are premise, installation and debugging is crucial, use with safeguarding is a purpose. If control valve is installed undeserved, perhaps debug bad, with respect to the effect that has less than adjustment, what can make a system even is burdensome.

1, the installation of control valve

The basic principle of 1.1 installation

The installation of control valve should follow national relevant specification, carry out strictly according to blueprint paper and the regulation that design a file. For example, construction of appearance of automation of criterion for evaluation of quality inspection of building installation project, industry and check and accept standard, electric equipment to install a project construction and check and accept a standard to wait; The equipment that installation requires, auxiliary equipment and main material should accord with the concerned regulation of active state level.

Before 1.2 installation examine

Control valve and accessory from leave factory before installation, the random vibration that is aroused in carriage road by carriage tool place and all sorts of concussion that when assembling and unassemble, get, and be being carried and store in the process, the change such as environmental temperature, humidity, these function that cause control valve and accessory possibly produce change. Accordingly, be necessary to be in what partial property has before installation to examine.

Before control valve installs examine to basically include following content: Character of the exterior, static state, leakage rate, sky carries intensity of total travel time, compression, insulation property, air-tightness and sealing to wait, among them before 5 are surely check project. Of course, also have particular demand to examining place. For example: Environmental temperature asks to be in 35 ℃ of 10 ~ ; Air relative humidity is not more than 75 % ; Field has enough space, and the light enough or have illume requirement; There cannot be acuteness Zhen Yuan and interference of strong magnetic field all round; Source of power source, gas accords with a requirement to wait.

1.3 installation note

The installation of control valve, must ensure security, ensure performance characteristics, be operated easily and safeguard, managing installation charge. The specific issue that the attention needs when talking about installation this at 4 o'clock is aimed at below.
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