Dynamoelectric control valve and electromagnetism a powerful person have what di
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Dynamoelectric a powerful person: Drive core of a powerful person with electric machinery
Electromagnetism a powerful person: Drive staff of oriented a powerful person with electromagnetism coil
Of use utility different
Dynamoelectric a powerful person: Dynamoelectric a powerful person is a canal commonly way is old, those who apply at the fluid is current, end, the control such as discharge, pressure, undertake current, end pilot calls dynamoelectric switch a powerful person (some can leave only or close, some is OK if can have only,the inter stops probably adjust, be like 25% , 50% , 75% , 100%) , undertake pilot of discharge, pressure makes dynamoelectric control valve, what is dynamoelectric ball valve, dynamoelectric dish a powerful person, still have those who call what intelligence control valve, it is dynamoelectric a powerful person actually
Electromagnetism a powerful person: Apply on hydraulic pressure, baric control, control the state of oil cylinder, air cylinder, it is the control cell that is used in district of oil path, gas. Its action resembles electric medium contactor is same.
This both action, utility is completely different, cannot mix with.

Twist be apart from size distinguishs dynamoelectric a powerful person big
Adjust dynamoelectric a powerful person can control formally roughly to spend implementation principle to turn electromagnetism a powerful person stops to be able to control a standard-sized sheet to close completely only in the process in electric machinery namely.
The power supply of bearing power supply that electromagnetism a powerful person is 220V commonly is controlled namely