The control valve of professional pressure
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In the process that develops in daily life of the person, profession, various pressure layer cascade fold the ground to surrounding everybody. People repels instinctively pressure, the worry that repellent pressure brings is disturbed. Meanwhile, still a lot of people are approbated " pressure just has power " the viewpoint searchs pressure actively. So, simple ground cognizance pressure is less had been jumped over or be bigger be a mistake very more.

Psychological pressure is actually " the individual's feeling " . When the intense rate when the thing exceeded what you think what you have to answer ability, pressure was formed, so psychological pressure is a kind of more subjective feeling. The main source of ceaseless heighten is in psychological pressure to agree with feeling inadequacy at one the individual's ego, expression comes out even if self-confidence is not worth. So long-term excessive pressure originates for the most part of the individual " psychological action " .

Build stable self-confident capacity, can let us be cast off effectively " pessimism anticipates " psychological interference, can undertake to its importance reason accepts or reject, the size of the actuating pressure that active him adjusting control needs.