Uncover secret torch: Memorial tower lets holy fire never go out
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On closure of Beijing Olympic Games, 396 " holy fire " performer, undertake human body behavior of the movement demonstrates all sorts of tall difficulty, closure of this Beijing Olympic Games that has intense shock power " the soul " work, it is artists the artistic high-quality goods that becomes with the tough effort casting that performs classics of office staff experience many months 10.

Original tentative plan takes ladder kind

Closure of Beijing Olympic Games carries out Zhang Dongxin of assistant total director to accept the introduction when interviewing, on November 11, 2006, closure group just holds water, have in original originality so " tower " , this is the inspiration that obtains from inside the performance of ladder stepping on a knife of Miao Zu.

The tentative plan with the earliest group is to use the kind that takes ladder to undertake, abandon as a result of existence safety hidden danger. Finally, advocate achieved personnel to find present form, go by the person namely ascend " memorial tower " . 396 people are bare-handed ascend, reflect more intuitionisticly go all out in work spirit. 2007 annual, the group is undertaking considering around this originality, what strive makes is more romantic.

Become with branch base " memorial tree "

2007 the end of the year, in core originality in carrying out, the group produced a few new think of a way again. Actors are in ascend " memorial tower " while, wait for means through moving branch, base branch even, " memorial tower " base is become " memorial tree " . The person that involves a tree is taking leave, will " memorial tree " become lush and green.

Meanwhile, technical personnel piles up umbriferous technology to project image through number " bird's nest " on bowl edge. These image pick the precious camera lens that took the Olympic Games 16 days, pass aggrandizement of 360 degrees of screen the memory of people. People remembered winning wonderful moment, remembered enter the court a lot of good time below.

"Memorial tower " the design makes a year

"Memorial tower " used design of a year of time to make, spent 30 tons of rolled steel, tower can adjustable, rise by 5 fall structural composition, highest can rise reach 23 meters. The largest carrying capacity is 20 tons. Most the bottom carries a diameter to be 20 meters.

Be in " memorial tower " aspirant travel is so difficult spent act, need is bold but cautious, need performer to have more abundant physical ability and mutual extremely strong cooperate to coordinate. 396 performer that assume this one job are the literary backbone that comes from army.

These actors pass the rehearse of 10 months, realized the director's intention finally. When the tower just was put up, playwright-director people just went up ground floor, dizzy. But now, actors can freely the ground undertakes on the tower all sorts of body are performed. Arrive from tower bottom the tower is pointed, actors need 12 seconds left and right sides only now. (Xinhua News Agency)
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