Oily outside tasting, collect: Stabilize the control valve of the market
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Before paragraph time, because benzine consumes the advent of busy season, add oil to taste carriage bottleneck to restrict reach spring ploughing to be badly in need of be being affected with the element such as derv, oil tastes contradiction of supply and demand to highlight.

In the sale south the large area company that the branch is in charge of tasting oily resource to manage as Chinese petrifaction, set out from the height that bears social responsibility, politics responsibility, it is with the market oriented, striving for resource actively to headquarters while, hold to " go " constituent resource, pass resource amount is collected outside increasing, serve the Petroleum Company that visit town. It is with the market oriented, ahead of schedule scheme leaves

Outside extending scope, collect, it is the sale below new condition the company gifts the duty that sells large area company. From 2005 begin, in the sale south branch outside strengthening, collect as a main job, they analyse market demand seriously, the measure is adopted outside making clear, seek a partner. "2005 annual, in south piece the oil of the Petroleum Company that visit town inside the area tastes resource breach to amount to 3.03 million tons. In south branch to finish outside pick the job, hit out on four sides. The company is led and the employee of business part, moving place goes to China together company of petrolic large area is harmonious, buy resource of have more than needed hard. Return the refine manufacturer be in harmony inside area under administration to buy the resource that supplied materials machines. The help of large area company outside relegating affiliated company and system purchases social agency natural resources. In the organization south 4 teams of company of large area of company of province of branch, area under administration, affiliated company and brother, socially much channel is sought buy resource. To assure outside collect success, the finished product oil that the company picks external offers proper charge subsidy. " speak of outside how be being finished, collect, in south the concerned personage of the branch says so.

Fall hard in each, 2005, in south the branch is bought in oily group natural resources two hundred and seventeen thousand one hundred tons, buy refine factory supplied materials to machine resource 12.8 1 10 thousand tons, buy affiliated company to string together change resource fifty thousand two hundred tons, outside relegating a system, large area company purchases resource ninety-two thousand two hundred tons, resource is collected outside be being finished finally 3.03 million tons, stabilized the market.

Pass the cooperative communication with supplier of oil of local refine factory, China, society and shopkeeper, the negative effect that competes without foreword inside area under administration decreases greatly, the consciousness of each square collaboration win-win increased. Make good district difference, time difference, price difference, contend for in achieving beneficial result
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