Mine is mechanical 15 certificate business a newest grade and push gold
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Analysis of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River points out, the mine of machinery of the mine in developing the strategy that intelligence of the land of country is in nearly 3 years is mechanical, still can hold to original product strategy, the key develops machine of project of small-sized project machine, picket and medium-sized grab, because the market demand of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned products is steady, and gross profit is led taller, because this will make the dominant product of the company, in the meantime, to satisfy exuberant market demand, the company also can expand forklift business at the same time, after 2009, as come back dig borer and in dig sales volume to occupy compared amplification, the hopeful of sale wool interest rate of the company appears to rise stage by stage.
Additional, besides existing business, mechanical energy of mine of wisdom of the land of country also undertook the project of new product is laid in, include, 1) mine is mechanical: Municipal government of north of the Huaihe River builds machine of one large coal to produce base with cooperation of intelligence of the land of country of purpose, collaboration will take the kind of industry of machinery of mine of joint-stock look forward to, the 3 plane of " that main product involves coal machine field a " , technical reserve basically will come from in south university, new model hopeful is rolled out in the end of the year; 2) slippage fork-lift truck: In snow calamity and Bencide shake provides disaster relief in, the effect of slippage fork-lift truck is not mine machinery constant apparent, hunan Province government is considering project approving to regard the lash-up that rush to deal with an emergency provides disaster relief as equipment slippage fork-lift truck, in addition, the military market of slippage fork-lift truck is likewise broad, hopeful of product of slippage fork-lift truck in the army and the people amphibious market obtains a breakthrough; 3) machine of compose of aegis mine machinery: The company had had technical reserve on aegis compose equipment, and the the Changsha City is building a project in what apply for the subway, once the project can be obtained,approve, company hopeful contends for market of order of aegis compose engine.
On the other hand, intelligence of the land of country comes true this year of purpose in be aimed at the equity of labour and salesperson stimulates technician of senior management layer, core mine machinery encourage. And of science and technology of the land of country nobody drive the plane realizes test-fly successfully, once the relevant product of science and technology of the land of country can realize gain, take the likelihood add the means infuse of hair to arrive appear on the market in the company, the " hatch that science and technology of prospective the land of country will make new product of intelligence of the land of country implement " .
Negotiable securities of the Yangtse River maintains the point of view that early days deepness reports, intelligence of the land of country regards domestic project machine as the " of " promising young person of the industry, rely on the development strategy with oriented research and development, prospective hopeful obtains lasting fast growth through the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of new product. Of short duration of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River does not adjust company 2008-2010 year gain is forecasted, EPS is respectively 1.08, 1.96 reach 3.16 yuan, the " that manages pair of companies recommends " grade.
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