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The overview of control valve of condensate small negative charge
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Working principle: Need when valve urgent when opening, actuator drives lever of a powerful person to open core of young a powerful person first (priority valve core) , make pressure release of the quickness inside antrum of a powerful person, core of young a powerful person continues to move drive open of core of big a powerful person or family.
This kind of valve uses advanced priority valve structure, have the following advantage:
1.Sleeve reduce expenditure, reduce expenditure face and sealing surface are apart, inside a powerful person advocate use special type stainless steel to be handled via case hardening, hardness achieves HRC70 above. Shut rigor, life is long. Control valve of STU condensate small negative charge is a kind of special type control valve that is used technically at condensate system, discretion to add crisis drainage system to wait for large flow large requirements to ask airtight sex is good,
2.Adjust character is good, adjusting range is big, switch is quick.
3.Use priority valve structure, make valve opening force is reduced 15 times the left and right sides, reduce actuator bulk and cost.