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Maintain appearance of heating furnace of type of accumulation of heat a few exp
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1 preface

Since 2004, steelworks of gallinaceous northwest metal strip in succession put into production two cultivate heat up type heating furnace. Because cultivate heats up the heat addition of furnace and traditional heating furnace and smoke evacuation means,have very big different, its control process is so different also, cultivate hot stove increased automatic inverting than traditional furnace control changes refrigeration to control two shares compatibly. Jockey people cannot master operation essentials and control job principle inside a long time, often lose his head because of a little trouble sufficient, bring about stop furnace even stop production. For this, have analysis and research to the common breakdown of heating furnace, the method that sums up a craft and union of electric knowledge photograph will judge instrument malfunction, make its can find out breakdown reason to remove trouble side by side inside the shortest time, maintain normal production.

Cultivate of 2 my factories heats up type heating furnace to control systematic composition

Heating furnace of cultivate hot type controls a system to change refrigeration to control 3 parts group compatibly by combustion process control, inverting control. The passageway form that my factory throws first centers inverting cultivate to heat up type heating furnace (2 furnace) , cultivate of type of inverting of section of style of burner of the buy outside one is being built again later heats up type heating furnace (3 furnace) . The S7300PLC that what use is German Xi Menzi but program controller is collected as what issue a machine to realize all signal, operation and mediation, charge the communication interface card of machine with S7300CP5611 and labour, taiwan grinds China labour accuses machine IPC610 to make what monitoring and process designing debug use, serve as an operating system with Windows2000 Chinese platform, module of 2 central processing is CPU314, undertake monitoring with configuration king software, module of 3 central processing is module CPU315, undertake monitoring with WINCC software.

2.1 combustion process are controlled

(1) craft asks

Combustion process control basically passes pair of temperature, discharge and pressure to detect, will adjust a few valve drive degree of volume, so that control fuel how many, the volume that smoke evacuation measures.

(2) controls a principle

The collection of temperature signal is finished through appearance thermocouple or thermal resistance, discharge, pressure is to pass difference pressing, pressure to change send implement will finish. Its detect reach control process to be as follows:

Thermocouple (thermal resistance) millivolt (resistor) signal, difference pressing, pressure changes send implement the imitate quantity of S7300PLC inputs milliampere signal → CP5611 of card of communication of module SM331 → uses monitoring software going up a labour accuse → shows in machine (it is with 3 furnace exemple, ) the quantity of imitate of PID operation → that passes CPU315 module outputs module SM332 → to enter mediation to valve, control furnace temperature in order to achieve really.
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