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Analysis of pilot valve design points
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Pilot valve with its small size, compact structure, good sealing effect, cut off the ability of high (up to nominal pressure) for a wide range and long service life, in the automatic control system has been widely applied . The valve can be used as a vent shut-off valve, in particular high temperature, high pressure and large diameter requires cutting off the occasion. Pilot flow control valve with a top-down structure and a separate pilot pressure balance valve with the valve closed, pressure through the main valve and sleeve valve closed the gap to generate back pressure, enabling the valve seat sealing, When the pilot valve and main valve must meet specific pressure, the media, the higher the pressure, the valve seal more tightly. When you want to open the valve, so that implementing agencies to enhance the stem, first open the pilot valve, the valve on the main pilot valve and sleeve valve Gap greater flow capacity, so that the main valve to establish a balance, a smaller force to open the main valve. Pilot valve control valve design in addition to considering the closure of the valve performance, but also consider the stability of the valve and adjusting properties. Pilot valve seat is greater than channel capacity to meet the flow guide ring and the main valve and sleeve Gap and the open flow capacity control opening of the valve opening of 10% or less, or will have a range of small flow valve open or the problem can not be adjusted. The design principles of the spring stiffness of the spring to meet the media to resist the pressure fluctuations, or the pilot valve and main valve will produce vibration and other issues between. The role of guide ring valve assembly is to increase the stability limit for the main valve and the sleeve design of the temperature causes large gap caused by the gap flow capacity and flow of the pilot valve seat channel capacity does not match the problem. Only role is to control the resale of the pilot valve and main valve flap rotation generated by eddy current trend, while the spring is controlled by the pilot valve and main valve flap up and down trend in the direction of vibration.