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Low cut end control valve implementation is noted get together pump much well is
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In oil extraction process, because polymer suffers machinery to cut viscosity loss big, polymer medium carries requirement adjustment ball valve a standard-sized sheet or close completely, can cause very big polymer to cut otherwise, normally one is noted get together pump can be noted to a well only get together. Gu of triumphal oil field east development of personnel of technology of center of oil extraction factory gives a balance type is low cut end control valve, make note get together pump is noted to much mouth well at the same time get together become a possibility.
Low cut end the core of a powerful person of control valve uses round cone-shaped design, fluid passageway is arc, v alloy data is used in the sealed place of core of a powerful person and valve base, have stronger be able to bear or endure erode quality, assure the sealing of valve. Valve transmission system is sealed use step-down technology, the adjustment that assures valve flexibility, achieve the goal of balance adjustment.

In August 2005, balance type is low cut end control valve is in Gu east 2 areas are noted get together the station has a test, realized to note get together pump can offer mother solution to two wells at the same time. Experiment more through half an year, prove this a powerful person has precision of mother liquor adjustment reservation of convenient, viscosity leads tall, field work tall characteristic. Spot sampling detects make clear, control valve leaves degree when a standard-sized sheet, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4, viscosity reservation rate all is in 98% above. Current, this control valve already declared national patent.