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Put into production of complete of project of industrialization of control valve
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A few days ago, silver-colored star the sources of energy (000862 prices, ) " modular project of industrialization of intelligence control valve " change smoothly through national hair appoint check and accept. This project was sent to change by the country 2005 appoint include equipment industry structural adjustment special. Its complete put into production, realized the industrialization production of intelligence control valve not only, more indicate the integral technology level in domain of kinds of eleventh of industrial automation appearance is big self-adjusting a powerful person already reached an our country international is advanced level.

Modular intelligence control valve is a kind of economy model, modular, intelligence product, its are general modular design, the development trend that accords with technology of automation of procedure of current domestic and international industry and national industry develop policy, the project always invests ninety-four million five hundred and fifteen thousand yuan, undertake innovating again on the foundation that introducing advanced technique of control valve of series of ECOTROL of company of digestive Germany ARCA, obtained " first prize of achievement of science and technology of 2005 year Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region " . The complete of the project will make technology of traditional control valve realizes qualitative leap, have main effect and effect to accelerating industry of bearing of automation of our country industry. To industry of countrywide control valve and product structural adjustment, enhance the integral competition ability of entire industry, advance economy to grow the change of means, innovation of stimulative industry technology all has important sense.

It is reported, depend on ECOTROL just about modular intelligent control valve the dominant position on the technology, since 2006 market of control valve of silver-colored star the sources of energy orders goods grow every year with the speed of 30% . 2005, 2006, achieved respectively 2007 170 million, 230 million, 300 million yuan. Predict modular 2010 intelligence control valve will achieve 600 million yuan sale, implementation profit tax 150 million yuan.