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Maintain appearance of heating furnace of type of accumulation of heat a few exp
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Because cultivate heats up the heat addition of furnace and traditional heating furnace and smoke evacuation means,have very big different, its control process is so different also, cultivate hot stove increased automatic inverting than traditional furnace control changes refrigeration to control two shares compatibly. Jockey people cannot master operation essentials and control job principle inside a long time, often lose his head because of a little trouble sufficient, bring about stop furnace even stop production. For this, have analysis and research to the common breakdown of heating furnace, the method that sums up a craft and union of electric knowledge photograph will judge instrument malfunction, make its can find out breakdown reason to remove trouble side by side inside the shortest time, maintain normal production.

Dynamoelectric control valve is common of breakdown decide with the processing technique:

Majority of dynamoelectric control valve is input of 220VAC power source, 4-20mA, output. If computer terminal does not have a powerful person show, whether does the input line that needs to check 4-20mA break a string, the contact contact that inputs module is good; If dynamoelectric control valve is not moved, need to check output circuitry, output the dot of module, coil of the starting electric capacity that examines electric machinery, electric machinery is in good condition.