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Industry of machinery of resurgence road mine centers an area
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Han Cun presses down churchyard factory to center, 2005, province " 861 " a project -- , face melt coal cooking settle should be pressed down, special situation and the area that big project is in the economy that the advantage gives Han Cun and social progress brought unprecedented opportunity. Government of town Party committee seizes opportunity closely, with " industry grows year " for chance, held water " industry is pressed down by force " the job heads a group, with patent of north of the Huaihe River the technology is recommended can be a foundation, union is pressed down originally actual, guide industry to develop to science and technology change, use actively " 861 " the good luck of settle Han Cun, course of study of papermaking of exert oneself development, farming the industrial business such as industry of by-product treatment industry, new-style wall lumber. Current, whole town shares industrial business 150, farming by-product processes trade 13, among them dimensions above 7, the building materials course of study that uses development of litter of mineral products solid 112. To the end of 2007, whole town adds industrial company newly 21, realize gross value of industrial output 411 million yuan, implementation industry raises a cost 122 million yuan, construction industry project 6, add fixed assets newly to invest 60 million yuan.