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Absolutely vivid painted scroll is exhibited to furl on memorial tower demit emperor fire

A few athletes furl the painted scroll that open, extinguish fire of Olympic Games emperor. Chen Xiaowei of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed according to report of Xinhua News Agency last night 9 when make 20 minutes, fire of Beijing Olympic Games emperor is in Beijing national stadium (" bird's nest " ) advocate torch tower slowly go out, the means that holy fire extinguishs is full of poetic flavour -- athlete of a few foreign countries with furling China draws axial kind, will ignite on August 8 advocate the holy fire on torch tower goes out slowly. Athletes are bringing scroll painting, taking the good memory to Beijing Olympic Games to set foot on the road that puts in countryside 's charge.

Foreign athlete opens picture scroll

That evening 9 when 21 minutes, be in " bird's nest " on closure of held Beijing Olympic Games, athlete of a few foreign countries ascends mark to have the plane gangway ladder of emblem of Beijing Olympic Games, before entering engine room, they took out picture scroll of a China from inside knapsack, open slowly.

The runway in sky shows wonderful moment

"Bird's nest " the runway that apical bowl edge shows to screen irregular change becomes red, lamplight of specially good effect is in " the runway in sky " on projectile the wonderful moment that gives Beijing Olympic Games each days, the touching picture that athletes dream to realize an Olympic Games and do all one can goes all out in work appears one by one before the audience. The wonderful and moving picture on big screen, let " bird's nest " the athlete in and audience people cheer together, everybody is sharing the glory of Olympic and dream jointly.

As a huge machine in hole of a person's mind in field " memorial tower " slowly rise, two " athletic sculpture " performer stands in " tower " very, slow in sky developing all sorts of sports model, delivering great Olympic mind to people.

Holy fire extinguishs in theme song

"I and you, heart linked to heart, with village of dwelling place ball; For the dream, a thousand li goes, encounter in Beijing. Come, friend, reach your hand. I and you, heart linked to heart, forever family! Forever family!!

In singing of moving theme of Beijing Olympic Games, "The runway in sky " the picture that go up is revealed to on August 24, painted scroll is shut, advocate the blaze on torch tower slowly go out...

Hand in photograph reflect with the opening ceremony

This one originality hands in photograph reflect with the opening ceremony. Beijing Olympic Games advocate the holy fire of torch tower is ignited, it is with hero of Chinese Olympic Games Li Ning is in " bird's nest " by the side of topmost bowl, with " flier " means, run on the picture scroll that spreading out slowly, what open slowly is with " auspicious cloud " the wonderful picture that design delivers for the global torch of setting. Li Ning holds torch, run in sky to Beijing, run to " bird's nest " , ignited " auspicious cloud " design makes advocate torch tower. Type of this one party makes a person shake. And of holy fire go out to come from this one inspiration likewise, be full of poetic flavour.
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