From control valve of force type pressure
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ZZY from control valve of force type pressure need not adscititious the sources of energy, use source of the power that be by energy of tone medium oneself, introduce actuator to dominate niche of core of a powerful person, change two end control difference and flow, make before a powerful person (or after a powerful person) pressure is stable. Have behavioral delicacy, sealing is good, wave motion of pressure set point is small wait for an advantage, apply extensively at the automata of gas, liquid and stabilized voltage of vapour medium decompression or pressure release stabilized voltage. This series product has sheet (ZZYP) , sleeve (ZZYM) , two-seater (ZZYN) 3 kinds of structures; Actuator has filmy type, piston 2 kinds; The pressure after action type has decompression to use a powerful person adjusts (B) the pressure before using a powerful person with pressure release adjusts (K) . Grade of product nominal pressure has PN16, 40, 64; DN20~300 of limits of caliber of body of a powerful person; Leakage rate grade has II class, Ⅳ class and VI class 3 archives; Discharge character is leave quickly; Pressure section adjusts from 15~2500kPa. Can set requirement of contented user operating mode by need.