Report is cast in hold heat to be versed in appearance and overhaul groom
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What by the overhaul that make the same score country fairdyke the company sponsors is medium report casts group company to heated up labour appearance and protective overhaul to groom 2008 the class grooms in the company central base is pulled open formally prelusive, 40 student that come from 10 2 class units of group company groom those who play by a definite date 10 days study.
The high skill that gets used to big unit to overhaul need for education overhauls personnel, popularize the overhaul experience of preeminent company, the skill Training Within Industry that according to group company 2008 year organize directly plans, group company decides to hold appearance of hot 2008 project and protective overhaul to groom class. Groom the advanced project that the object undertakes heating up labour appearance and protective overhaul for unit of each 3 class and personnel of above skill grade, groom time is in August 27 to on September 6. Groom content includes academic, real operation and technology to communicate 3 respects, groom theoretically among them include heat to be versed in metric, hot project is measured reach the overhaul, sequence control, heat to be versed in system of protection system, PLC, DCS applies etc, prepare and carry out what real operation includes to overhaul a file, switch desired result, change send implement the adjustment of control valve of desired result, pneumatic, adjustment of dynamoelectric a powerful person, DCS is safeguarded reach configuration of system of configuration, PLC to wait, technical communication includes the protection that heat up labour to be moved by accident, refus moves case study and countermeasure to wait.
Report casts group company to heated up labour appearance and protective overhaul to groom 2008 in the class overhauls a company to sponsor by Ping Wei, it is pair of Ping Wei level of experience of overhaul company overhaul, skill and " brand of flat report overhaul " approbate adequately, also be to reveal Ping Wei to overhaul company comprehensive strength, enhance the main chance that communicates communication with brotherly unit. Overhaul company height takes Ping Wei seriously to groom this, do good organization to work seriously, offer for student good rear service is ensured and groom first-rate soft hardware condition. This company is increased groom base builds strength, provided the professional education facility with phyletic and numerous, complete amount and material, the organization was written groom in detail plan, invite the appearance that has rich spot to overhaul experience and solid and professional theoretical foundation to accuse personnel of technology of major of ministry, safe production ministry to hold the position of schoolteaching teacher.