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A few days ago, 4 couplet group Chongqing of China of bibcock of appearance of our country instrument plain bearing total plant branch of limited company directly under- - Chongqing plain appearance is carried out implement recorder company (the following abbreviation " carry out implement company " ) once more hand in hand Jin Die, will use production of Jin Die K/3 to make wait for module to make refined production run a system, help enterprise promotes core competition ability. This collaboration is indicating carry out implement what company informatization deepens application is new germinant. Before this, jin Die already helped day accept overcome hill plain company, Yadongyaji early or late round, south flower is special air conditioning, Ling Da is industrial city waiting for hill is numerous made modelling enterprise come true to turn management subtly.

Carry out implement the company is the manufacturer home that major is engaged in dynamoelectric actuator, dynamoelectric control valve, pneumatic control valve reaching. Carry out implement the company produces 4 kinds of big 16 series products, main technique index all reachs world top level, does the company become the electric industry with 500 strong companies of world, the biggest whole world to cross a state accordingly group? ? The whole world of the RHA/RS instrument of ABB company appoints manufacturing business exclusively.

All the time since, carry out implement the company belongs to sheet small lot is custom-built enterprise of type of production, basically have overall the production that press sheet and component are pressed forecast production mode of two kinds of production, it is to use MTO (produce by order) with MTS (produce by inventory) two kinds of delegates that produce pattern enterprise. The rate of form a complete set that semi-manufactured goods contains long-standingly to measure big, product in producing a course to solve an enterprise is low, component often the problem such as be in short supply, carry out implement company management layer decides to introduce advanced administrative system, perfect business flow is normative, the execution that strengthens sale contract dogs, the energy that achieves an enterprise refines management.

The execution that regards directly under of 4 couplet group as the company implement company, be in with Jin Die before this respect of group finance affairs, content shedding already undertook good cooperation. Jin Die depends on the executive service level with exceedingly good early days and favorable applied result, win again carry out implement the accredit of the company. Pass thorough investigation and study, jin Die points out solve carry out implement the key of company existing problem builds the enterprise that accords with executive instrument to produce pattern to produce plan management system namely, this also is the core mind that Jin Die makes government subtly.

Change production management to be able to come true through Jin Die K/3 subtly. Among them, management of plan of Jin Die K/3 ERP (advocate plan of production and stock demand) as guide, sale order and the drive fountainhead that forecast sheet to will regard production as the plan, right overall product BOM, existing inventory, safe inventory, predicting put in storage (in road, making) and already a series of production such as quantum data has monitoring government, after the production that fastens statistical cipher out through Jin Die K/3 next plans to put production on the task, in the system " imitate hair expects " can accurate computation gives module current product place requires component data. To the demand that component produces, the system will undertake according to forecasting operation result stock up plans. K/3 system still will be offerred from the sale à of order of order à production produces working procedure of task odd à to plan sheet to wait for contract unifinication to track inquiry function, supervise the execution of manufacturing plan effectively, help thereby carry out implement the company builds perfect production to plan to run a system, promotion business essence of life refines level of management.
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