Much outfit control valve nobody not heating
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Garrison army will be transformed in coal fired boiler on have example effect. Unit of a few garrison expresses yesterday, will cogent this year fulfil each pollution processing, transform the coal fired establishment such as boiler as the key.

Be in too the unit of a garrison of second road, change coal fired boiler the natural gas boiler for 4 cleanness. "In was not being envisaged actually so expensive! " after using 3 months, yesterday the concerned controller of the institute such say, every square metre is average a month is controlled 4.75 yuan, still can accept basically, indoor temperature assures basically also to be controlled in 18 ℃ . At the same time of branch of environmental protection of tablet forest zone

Staff member, still introduced the good method that spare of a section enrages, install control valve more namely, such but according to particular case, undertake heating is controlled. For instance, by day the nobody in the home, give the home in little heating. In the evening the office nobody, need not heating. Use method of this one party namely, every square metre compared season of one unit heating only last year concentration heating is floriferous 0.51 yuan. With respect to the residence that takes a 100 square metre, one winter heating needs to pay 51 yuan more only. Yesterday, the garrison unit of tablet forest zone expresses, will fulfilled each pollution processing this year, take the coal fired establishment such as boiler seriously particularly transform and promotion is clean model the job of coal. The clean fuel that still will paid unit of meal of rental appearance room at the same time changes burn and lampblack administers the job, catch liquid waste of good hospital medical treatment and medical treatment waste disposal, prevent to pollute environmental incident to happen.