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Kelaisile 300C, the luxurious car of an extraordinary. "Be full of expressional strength, purificatory, self-confident, be full of passionate " -- the vocabulary of be charmed making a person, kelaisile 300C provides them the elephant to change, present alive person before. Kelaisile sees on the street when 300C, you can be attracted by it certainly. If apropos the car that you are 300C advocate, at this moment the feeling in your heart can be proud.

This kind lets the person's photographic glamour, come from Kelaisile the arteries and veins of blood of technology of heart volition nicety that the luxurious bearing of 300C beautiful type is dripping with place shedding. The window of the oldest technique of 300C depends on Kelaisile connotation of technology of " goodness " , it is beautiful type the child that classical design and heart are advanced technique union, the appearance is rich show strength, purificatory, self-confident, be full of passion. Its technique of 4 big decisive assembly all comes from Daimule: Technology of safe automobile body, from chassis structure, pensile bracket, to the angle of storehouse of the construction of footplate beam, spare wheel, the Zhou Bei of each respect takes an examination of quantity casting the safe fort of 5 stars class of 300C; 5 fast hands are mixed from gear-box of an organic whole system of rear wheel drive, the motivation with perfect implementation is delivered with hold accuse to experience; Accurate power gets lost assembly, make hold accuse essence of life to allow agile, handy, wide automobile body turns remove a turn to come also can Pian is like You Hong; And the most advanced around suspension system and intelligent damping system inside pensile assembly. The perfect union put oneself in another's position that fastens a technology as beautiful type bold and unconstrained and heart, 300C lets Kelaisile successfully oneself go up at favorable position.

The exterior: Exalted elegance all shows wind model

Beyond question, the appearance of 300C holds Kelaisile concurrently the beauty that had exalted elegance and in relief firm self-confidence. Approach 300C, you come with respect to the breath blow on the face that can feel an extraordinary, the lasting appeal restoring ancient ways of its place advocate and concept of design of extraordinary individual character had conquered the whole world user of 40 much more luxurious cars. Also as a result of Kelaisile 300C is designed crackajackly, ralph Gilles of chief inspector of group products plan is in Kelaisile the special honour that the prize-giving celebration of Baltimore conference center was awarded " of " president award 2006.

Truckload line is fluent and lively, muscle feels dye-in-the-wood, wallop of extremely rich visual sense. The complete plating chromic grille of forehead bounty especially conspicuous, be vividly portrayed of feelings restoring ancient ways, the big mouth design of popularity of its instantly Europe also is in euqally Ao Di, in waiting for a model, Rong Wei is used, accept than inviting domestic customer more easily. Mark of alar form badge embeds Kelaisile in grille upside, become the pen of bit of eyeball, instruct shows every of favorable balance of trade and self-confidence. Design of tall waist line models the flank model with a mighty massiness, temperament of exalted natural and graceful all is shown. The rear with lively edge, let 300C fill Yang Gang's air.
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