The development course of control valve
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The development of control valve from 20 centuries initiative already had 7 up to now, history of 80 years, produced 10 kinds big control valve products early or late, wait from force type a powerful person and positioner, its develop course to be as follows:

20 time: The control valve that primitive stable pressure uses comes out.

30 time: With " V " model the two-seater a powerful person of breach and sheet a powerful person comes out to represent a product.

40 time: Occurrence positioner, control valve new breed arises further, occurrence diaphragm valve, horn a powerful person, butterfly a powerful person, ball valve.

50 time: Ball valve gets bigger promotion is used, 3 a powerful person replace two sheet a powerful person throws a system.

60 time: After design and standardization, standardization is being improved to what afore-mentioned products undertook seriation in home, home just just had whole set product. What we still are using in great quantities now is odd 7 kinds of products remain 3 an a powerful person, two-seater a powerful person, horn a powerful person, a powerful person, diaphragm valve, butterfly a powerful person, ball valve the product of 60 age level. At this moment, abroad began to roll out control valve of the 8th kind of structure -- sleeve a powerful person.

70 time: The product of another kind of new structure -- prejudicial rotary valve coming back comes out (the control valve breed of the 9th kind of big structure) . A powerful person of sleeve of this one period is in abroad to be applied extensively. 70 time end, home designed sleeve a powerful person or family jointly, the sleeve a powerful person that makes China had him range of products.

80 time: At the beginning of 80 time as a result of reforming and opening, china introduced petrifaction device and control valve technology successfully, make sleeve a powerful person, prejudicial rotary valve coming back got popularizing use, especially sleeve a powerful person, have the power that replaces valve of odd, two-seater greatly, its are used wider and wider. 80 time end, the Cv3000 that another significant progress is Japan mixes control valve essence of life is small-sized control valve, they are in structural respect, the instead of pneumatic film actuator of will odd bedspring is much spring film actuator, the structure of a powerful person just is improved, not be a change. Its outstanding characteristic is to make the weight of control valve and height drop 30 % , capacity coefficient raises 30 % .

90 time: The key of 90 time is the tackle key probleming that tastes in be difficult to do of dependability, special doubt, improve, rise on. Arrived 90 time end, the product that by Hua Lin the company rolled out the 10th kind of structure -- complete function overtakes light-duty a powerful person. Its outstanding characteristic is to be on dependability, the breakthrough that goes up with weight on the function. The breakthrough on the function -- the product that has complete function exclusively, reason this, can substitute the not all ready product on numerous function by a kind of product, make type selecting simplifies, use simplify, breed simplifies; The breakthrough on weight -- odder than dominant product an a powerful person, two-seater a powerful person, sleeve a powerful person is light 80 % of 70 ~ , more small-sized than essence of life a powerful person is light still 50 % of 40 ~ ; The breakthrough of dependability -- solved traditional a powerful person or family a series of unreliability elements, wait like the sealed dependability, dependability of fixed position, behavioral dependability. Of this product come out, make control valve technology of China and applied level reached 90 time last stage advanced level; It is the major breakthrough to control valve; Especially electronic form complete function overtakes light-duty a powerful person, be sure to make the main trend of next century control valve.
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