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The advantage of control valve of dynamoelectric pottery and porcelain
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One, dynamoelectric control valve is Jintaimeilin company foundation is current the volume of traditional control valve that uses in the industry such as oil, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, power station, boiler big, cumbersome, leakage rate the current situation with big, low dependability, and the product of new and high technology of development, she uses the system of a powerful person with stainless steel deft and beautiful ball valve, sphere of high-powered structure pottery and porcelain is installed inside, the blemish that solved common ball valve to cannot do control valve to use (metallic sphere is not able to bear or endure erosive) .
Match with intelligence electron type dynamoelectric actuator, can receive the signal of 4-20mA or 1-5V directly, the scale that implements valve easily adjusts (the position is controlled) .
Function characteristic:
1, weight is light, exterior is beautiful.
2, the product with numerous not all ready function can be replaced on the function, make modelling simplifies, solved a factory to manage complex, type selecting complex, safeguard the drawback with big workload. ?
? ? 3, of this a powerful person adjustable than big, can amount to commonly 100, and from spend 10% to 90% all can assure good adjustment quality.
4, the movement is smooth, reliability is extremely high, can solve the deadly structure drawback with big leak of traditional a powerful person or family.
5, know character exceedingly good, leakage discharge quantity is 0, solved the deadly structure drawback with big leak of traditional a powerful person or family.
6, overcome the ability that press difference goodly, prevent a function, shed a route the simplest, without block adjustment, KV value is the greatest, "From clean " function best.
7, character is the discharge of this control valve to wait for per cent approximately (the contrast of per cent character such as character of its ideal discharge and standard sees figure below) . And the discharge of real work is characteristic, because always be put before a powerful person, after a powerful person press difference, the real curve of traditional control valve can produce very big distortion smaller also however, accordingly it not only have good adjustment function, and still have good economy and energy-saving sex.
8, compare with pneumatic control valve, go to the lavatory already with power source managing, leave out a series of cost that build the station that enrage a source, want to increase the cost of the positioner of electric valve as a result of pneumatic control valve at the same time, so this a powerful person has extremely strong price dominant position.
9, dynamoelectric adjustment precision is tall, decompose degree can amount to 1/1000, locomotive cost is low, need not care and maintenance.
? ? 10, but the basis uses an environment actually, introduce line ball valve of 4 fluorine pottery and porcelain or entire line pottery and porcelain are hard sealed ball valve, in order to obtain taller anti-corrosive reach wear-resisting caustic function.
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