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The main accessory of control valve and relevant try out introduce
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Main analysis: Choice of control valve accessory and applicable

Valve positioner is pneumatic is carried out implement main accessory, it and pneumatic are carried out implement form a complete set is used, with the positional precision that will raise valve, overcome the effect of force of attrition of lever of a powerful person and medium unbalance, the signal that makes sure valve comes according to adjuster thereby realizes correct fixed position.

Below following case, want to match positioner:

1, medium pressure is high, pressure when difference is big;

2, when the requirements of control valve is large (DN>100) ;

3, high temperature or microtherm control valve;

4, when need raises the behavioral rate of control valve;

5, with standard signal, operation nonstandard when the actuator of bedspring (the bedspring limits beyond 20 ~ 100KPa) ;

6, when be being used at dividing programmed control to make;

7, when making valve realizes retrorse movement (gas closes type to open type to be changed each other compatibly) ;

8, when need changes the discharge character of a powerful person (can change positioner cam) ;

9, carry out without bedspring

Orgnaization or piston actuator, when wanting to realize scale movement;

10, when the signal that use phone goes operating pneumatic actuator, must distribution - gas valve positioner.

Electromagnetism a powerful person

When the system need realizes programme controll or when two position control, need deserves to use electromagnetism a powerful person. When choosing electromagnetism a powerful person, except should consider to hand in, outside direct current source and voltage, frequency, must note the concern of electromagnetism a powerful person and type of control valve action, can deserve to use " often leave model " or " often shut model " .

If ask to increase the size of electromagnetism a powerful person, will shorten behavioral time, OK and paratactic use two electromagnetism a powerful person or regard priority valve and afterwards of high capacity pneumatic as to move electromagnetism a powerful person implement combination is used.

The control valve that my factory produces normally with red east the form a complete set of electromagnetism a powerful person that factory of electromagnetism a powerful person produces is used. Red east factory of electromagnetism a powerful person recommends German HERION company technology of advanced electromagnetism a powerful person is indigenous already change. Move continuously among them model 2 3 sheet are electronic-controlled electromagnetism a powerful person (contain explosion proof) ; A101ED-SB024000 series (norms: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 40, 50mm) ; 2 4 (5) connect sheet electronic-controlled series of A102ED-SF025000 of electromagnetism a powerful person (norms: 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, 25mm) . Move continuously model advantage: 1. Working medium can begin the work from 0MPa; 2. OK and aleatoric installation is used; 3. Working medium applies to water, gas, oil; 4. Behavioral delicacy, function is reliable; 5. Low, life grows power, behavioral frequency is tall; 6. Explosion proof head is used add installation model with lie between explode model be united in wedlock, user wiring is convenient.
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