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Heilongjiang releases commissariat to produce integratedly can: Of food safety "
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The black land July, already was enclothed Yan Yan is solidly by emerald green crops.

As our country the biggest commodity provisions produces base, heilongjiang is saved grain crop sows an area to achieve the history again this year new tall, miao Qing is in recent years a best year. At present, 1 . The way corp is growing of crop of 600 million mus of grain is satisfactory, adumbrative " Beijing University storehouse " will greet a bumper harvest again year.

Commissariat expert says, the commissariat of Heilongjiang province v already took the throughout the country between province border 1/3 of gross of provisions of clean v commodity, can says is market of our country grain " control valve " . Future inside 5 years, this province plans to come promotion of grain total output one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two jins, add 20 billion jins of above completely than last year, at the appointed time this " control valve " adjusting control ability will more increase.

In last few years, heilongjiang province insists to regard the political responsibility that ensures national food safety as development grain production, leave no stone unturned improves integrated productivity, commissariat obtains big bumper harvest 4 years continuously.

Plant to bring a farmer into play continuously grain enthusiasm, heilongjiang province implements each allowance policy seriously, hold to good morning of support agriculture capital to be fulfilled platoon, early, early appropriate. At the beginning of 2007, below the circumstance that does not have next dialing in fund of national commissariat allowance, this province takes the kind of local finance pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, 28. 700 million yuan commissariat fills continuously, in farmer hand extending before thoroughbred allowance and agriculture machinery purchase allowance fund Yu Chungeng. This year spring, the face rises in price to producing a material wait for adverse element, complete province firm catchs strong Nong Huinong to policy is fulfilled and be publicized guide, utmost ground is eliminated farming endowment the worry that rises in price to be brought to spring ploughing production, protected the manufacturing enthusiasm of the farmer.

Planted this year the county looking at Kui of 140 mus of corn and soja east flourishing of ginger of suburb village farmer says: "A few this years the government publishs policy ceaselessly, allowance farmer. Chemical fertilizer rises in price this year, government allowance together. Resemble such good policy, wanted not to have the courage to think repeatedly in the past. " what 140 mus of ground planted Home Jiang Wang last year is corn entirely, always produce 150 thousand jins, mu all pure benefit 200 multivariate. Soybean market value rises this year, he replant 30 mus of soja, expectation increases some of income.

Come a few years, complete province increases fund of finance, credit and investment of farmer own reserves ceaselessly. This year during spring ploughing, complete province invests capital in all many yuan 300, chemical fertilizer is close 3 million tons, compare respectively on year increase 1.1 billion yuan to mix 100 thousand tons, achieve the history new tall. Production is used kind accomplish concentration to machine Bao Yi entirely, thoroughbred enclothe rate achieve 98 % above. Old rigid standard spring soil preparation achieves 69.79 million mus, soil preparation quality is in recent years a best year. Area of mechanical precision drilling breaks through 100 million mus, than going up year increase 12 million mus.
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