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The dermal seat that dynamoelectric adjustment became a kind of extravagant hope
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Opposite for, the customer that buys this level car pays attention to backlash can morely commonly, ave is as long as the wheelbase of 3009mm created a comfortable backlash to take an environment to the person of any height almost. In the meantime, take a feeling to go up to be created to the client to be in the most distinctive, comfortable feeling, do not overcome originate the president form that plane first-class stateroom cabin designs is luxurious and dynamoelectric adjustable seat installation arrived on this car. Two or so independent back row seat can adjust independently respective headrest 6 to angle; The electronic-controlled and slip adjustment of cushion part; And seat heats, ventilated, with back aerate type is massaged. On central armrest compositive the console that complete function designs and additional the remote controller gifted back row passenger's greater power and advantage. Besides the consideration that these human nature turn, again tie-in the light color of German entrance BADER that surrounds development to each detail last week is dermal, the ICE BLUE(of to stress theatrical atmosphere special design puts blue on the ice) setting lamplight, and system of entertainment of sound of image of postposition type DVD, build for back row passenger those who went out to distinguish Yu Ou to fasten a car is luxurious with delicate experience. Same, wheelbase is for the 300C of the A6L of 2945mm and 3050mm on the dimensional feeling of back row seat also is euqally outstanding. But, besides the space big besides, on 30 much Ao Di cars, configuration besides what don't have with simple appearance other at 2 o'clock, the dermal seat that dynamoelectric even adjustment became a kind of extravagant hopes. And the configuration of 300C is about relatively many somes, but, the feel character and reflects in juncture of charge for the making of sth. class of interior trim fabrics also cannot catch up with the quality of ave really. Finally, imperial crown is very outstanding on configuration and charge for the making of sth. , but the comfortable sex that the shortest wheelbase also takes for back row passenger however called very big discount.