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Automatic constant voltage needs a powerful person and property of dynamoelectri
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Poor a powerful person of automatic constant voltage is dynamoelectric control valve is to be used at solving all of air conditioning water system to balance a first-rate method at present, when systematic pressure produces change, constant voltage poor a powerful person can pass those who change oneself to connect shed an area to make dynamoelectric control valve of two end press difference to keep changeless, make the CV value of control valve is from beginning to end one, make sure dynamoelectric control valve moves below optimal operating mode all the time thereby, the change that achieves water quantity truly is concerned with temperature only and have nothing to do with pressure, the water quantity that can assure to enter air conditioning case is engraved when either is the water capacity that you need. Clump and make systematic performance more superior, safeguard more convenient. Automatic constant voltage is used to need a powerful person in systematic extreme after dynamoelectric control valve can leave out is used in great quantities in statified the balance a powerful person in control, can make systematic performance more superior so, safeguard more convenient.
Poor a powerful person of automatic constant voltage is dynamoelectric control valve is to change of equilibrium of water of all of water system of discharge air conditioning important assure, in the system control valve of integral of use self-poise scale can bring numerous profit for you.
Because 1. does not need to undertake the system is debugged, so leave out a lot of troubles, managing many time, shorten date of completion;
Because 2. need not use valve group and use at statified pilot valve, be thought you are managing more tubal material, insulation material reachs installation charge and time;
3. makes water system all is in balance position momently, so no matter install in installment construction or equipment use the balance that won't affect water system tube-shaped part in installment.
Although after project later period or investment move, 4. needs because of changing certain use to change the water system of certain area to design, the water system that also won't affect other area is designed, the water system that won't affect other area more is balanced
5. is in trends to balance position as a result of whole system, so refrigeration unit and water pump will move with the most energy-saving condition, saved move in great quantities uphold charge.
6. is balanced as a result of systematic discharge undertake automatically, make installation is safeguarded more convenience, put an end to factitious operation error to destroy the likelihood of the balance.
2, control valve of self-poise scale integral and the comparison that the static state balances a powerful person or family
Static balance a powerful person is actually a kind but factitious and accurate set opens spent shut-off valve, of the water equilibrium problem that he settles portion of pipeline of all of air conditioning water system through adjusting local resistance artificially.
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