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Summarize the newer development of technology of industry of a powerful person o
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One, the main characteristic of electromagnetism a powerful person
(1) outside leakage is blocked up absolutely, leak to accuse easily inside, use safety

Leak of inside and outside is the element that endangers security. Other accuses a powerful person to extend lever of a powerful person normally oneself, move actuator to control the roll of core of a powerful person or shift by dynamoelectric, pneumatic, fluid. This should solve lever of long-term movement a powerful person or family to move sealed outside leak difficult problem; Only electromagnetism a powerful person is to use electromagnetism master piece to seal the core inside the bushing that lie between magnetism to finish with Yu Mi, nonexistent move sealed, leak to be blocked up easily beyond place absolutely. Control of moment of force of dynamoelectric a powerful person is not easy, leak inside easy generation, pull head of lever of a powerful person even; The structural type of electromagnetism a powerful person is easy the leak inside control, till fall,be 0. So, electromagnetism a powerful person uses special security, apply to the medium with caustic, poisonous or lukewarm discretion especially.

(2) the system is simple, receive computer, price low modest

Structure of itself of electromagnetism a powerful person is simple, the price is low also, carry out compared with the other sort such as control valve implement install easily safeguard. More remarkable is a composition accuse a system to be gotten simply oneself much, the price wants low much. Because electromagnetism a powerful person is switch signal control, control the computer with labour join is very convenient. Gain ground in current computer, the times that the price falls considerably, the advantage of electromagnetism a powerful person is added apparent.

(3) behavioral express, power is little, the appearance is deft

It is OK that electromagnetism a powerful person answers time short to a few millisecond, even if a powerful person of forerunner type electromagnetism also can be controlled inside a few millisecond. Because become loop oneself, compared other charges a powerful person oneself response is more sensitive. The power of coil of electromagnetism a powerful person with proper design is used up very low, belong to energy-saving product; Still can accomplish need to strike hair action only, hold a powerful person automatically, at ordinary times not at all bad news report. Electromagnetism a powerful person over all dimension is small, save a space already, deft and beautiful.

(4) adjust precision suffers be restricted, applicable medium suffers be restricted

Electromagnetism a powerful person has switch only normally two kinds of condition, core of a powerful person can be in two maximums position only, cannot adjust continuously, (the new conception that strive breaks through is not little, but still be in phase of experiment try out) adjust so precision still is restricted certainly.
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