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Different conditions regulating valve solution to the problem of noise
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This law applies to the aerodynamic noise of the muffler as it can effectively eliminate the noise and suppression of fluid within the boundary layer noise transmitted to the solid level. Or valve on the mass flow before and after the high pressure drop is high and where the most effective and economic law. Series silencer using absorption can greatly reduce the noise. However, economic considerations, is generally limited to about 25 dB attenuation. Every speaker Law Use of every speaker, houses and buildings, to isolate the noise sources inside the external environment, noise is reduced to an acceptable range of people. Selection of low noise valve Low noise fluid flow through the valve under the valve spool, valve seat of the tortuous flow path (MCA, multi-channel) and gradually slow down to avoid any point in the flow path generation supersonic. Many forms, a variety of low-noise valve structure (and promising design of specialized systems) for use when the selection. When the noise is not large, the selection of low noise sleeve valve, the noise can be reduced 10 to 20 decibels, which is the most economical, low-noise valve. Throttling Method Series The pressure is high in the control valve (△ P/P1 ≥ 0.8) of the occasion, with series throttling method is to spread the total pressure drop after control valve and a fixed throttle valve components. Such as the use of diffusers, porous limiting plate, which is the most effective way to reduce the noise. Diffuser in order to get the best efficiency, the installation must be based on each case to design the diffuser (physical shape, size), so that the valve noise level and noise level generated by proliferation of the same.