Control valve cannot rustily
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Liaoning province experience is black Liu of prime culprit of the first case emerges, be ruled by according to of top people court monitor mentions today rehear, sentence capital punishment, carry out that day.

This change the original sentence, someone says great practice be popular wishes of people court esteem, really also common people plays a motto, cheer victory. But the focus that the public pays close attention to, not be him Liu Chong already is unripe with dead, however process of cognizance of extremely rich Thespian colorific reachs this case one 3 fold, the adjudicative result that is like heaven and earth. People is unavoidable suspicion, first instance, 2 careful, include this rehear place to admit
Decided guilty fact did not change basically, the legal clause of place basis still also is so a few, but adjudicative result however life and death two bounds, is this where to give an issue after all? The judgment of top people court thinks: Former 2 adjudgement decide the blame is accurate, also affirm Liu Chong crime is extremely serious, ought to sentence capital punishment, but with cannot from go up at all eliminate public security mechanism to extort a confession in inquisition by torture of the existence in investigation process circumstance, and " mix in view of guilty fact, property, clue the harm degree to the society and the particular case of this case " the fact that qualitative card of the reason of stay of execution of change the original sentence and rehear proves guilt of intended to Liu Chong makes harm nots agree with, its are undeserved the court decision should grant to correct. The ordinary people that does not know legal term looked the narration of as above, affirmation is incomprehensible, but in magical Chinese characters backside, everybody happens to coincide the ground lays a kind of concern, that paragraph of said to be inferior to saying character in overthrowing 2 careful to adjudicate it seems that, be equal to corrected wrong fact truly, also be equal to all and negative effect that redeemed a mistake to bring, OK also of course calm, everything is just fine.

The country is so big, population so much, topological features of inside and outside is so sophisticated, the society is contradictory at any time and place, unavoidable. The judicatory orgnaization that regards a country as the machine solves contradictory, counterbalance namely quantity, alleviate last when conflict reflects order also are the most important a valve, this valve if by rustily, this wears that country huge machine, return can normal movement