Circle in the air the peak is purified join group of search dog boost the morale
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Divine Olympic Games is about to pull open heavy curtain in Beijing, the arrival that Jiang Fuxiang peak purifies limited company to expect hour of this one history, also set oneself an example to others is " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, humanitarian Olympic Games, science and technology " an one's pygmy effort that contributes oneself...

My unit major is engaged in air purifying device, the professional unit of the development of the product, development, productivity. Come for years product sell like hot cakes at countrywide each district. The product has: SW-CJ series workbench, FLS series wind drenchs room, WYZ series is clean sampling car, ZKW combined-type air conditioning, GKYS series does not have clapboard efficient filter, GK series is efficient filter, efficient air sends GKF series blast tuyere etc purify series product, executive product leaves factory tightened inspection, in order to satisfy the client's requirement.

Force of this factory technology abundant, facilities is excellent, supply equipment for you all sorts of series of clean room form a complete set purify workbench, wind to drench room, deliver window, clean floor drain, wind to drench nozzle, purify car of cover of lamps and lanterns, efficient intake, laminar flow, sampling, junior high school a place with a draught of efficient inhaler, aluminium alloy, medicinal powder stream implement. This factory still has professional construction capacity, be in especially there is distinctive place in exceeding large area to purify the domain such as construction of pipeline of structure of workshop and installation of its technological equipment, colour board, special type.

This factory is pursued all along " be realistic, innovation, quality the first " tenet, always hold to " sincere letter respects property, it is with the person this " spirit of enterprise, and the management concept that creates benefit for society, user, already was two province, city of countrywide, municipality purified agency of company, purifying device to offer purify a product high gradely, won the support of broad client and reliance, become a giant star in course of study of person of the same trade.

Circle in the air you bring peak clean melt into between headroom of clean of a green.

Here, platform of acknowledgment search dog can let enterprise and Olympic Games become attached to, for company brand Zhuang Wei, the product that allows a company serves more users! Circle in the air the peak purifies the consideration in social all circles, support to fall, support is full member of wisdom struggle, business day attain expand, career flourishing, showed boundless glamour and lease of life. Bath is worn the spring breeze of the Olympic Games, circle in the air peak person devises clever strategies in market spring tide, Yong Yi goes all out in work, strenuous up!