Contemporary car starts Electromechanical to accuse a technology
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As the flying development of contemporary electron technology, especially the wide application of personal computer technology on the car, make the connotation of the car and function ceaseless extend and outspread, car Electromechanical unifinication, car electron is changed making contemporary car gradually (especially car) main feature. Start Electromechanical to accuse to serve as a car electronic-controlled medium important one annulus, to suit strict with each passing day discharge, safe code, already was taken seriously by the height of manufacturer of domestic and international car, got unprecedented development.

One, overview

Contemporary car is electronic-controlled theoretical foundation of the technology is contemporary control theory. Control to current intelligence from inchoate classical control, control is in theoretically the car is electronic-controlled in received wide application. Basically have PID control, best control, from adaptive control, slippery model network of control, ambiguous control, nerve is controlled and forecast control to wait. The development with contemporary academic control makes electronic-controlled the system can get used to complex much more variable system more, when change system and nonlinear system, even very not accurate to mathematical model system also can carry out accurate and effective control. And the premise that this starts Electromechanical to accuse to be able to come true just about. With respect to its structure character, electronic-controlled the system basically controls package by sensor, electron (ECU) , carry out implement 3 parts composition. Sensor regards an input as the part, use at measuring physical signal (temperature, pressure) , its changeover is telegraphic date; The action of ECU is the input signal that receives sensor, the program that presses set undertakes computational handling, output handles a result; Carry out implement the actuator of telegraphic date drive that outputs according to ECU, make change by the requirement.

(one) the electron controls package (ECU)

ECU is a center with personal computer. The signal amplifier that still includes bumper of signal of prepositive A/D converter, number and postposition. Speed of personal computer operation fast, precision is tall, can control in real time, have interrupt more answer wait for a function. At present besides 8, outside 16 personal computer, 32 especially 64 personal computer already began to be used stage by stage. And, have not only general-purpose personal computer and sheet piece machine, appropriative car personal computer already also was developed come out. The development that is advance rapidly of personal computer technology promoted a car electronic-controlled of the technology ceaseless and perfect. Can say, the development general trend of current ECU is from sheet stand-alone controls the system to center control to transfer to much system. Soon, the car is electronic-controlled the system will use computer network technology, accuse engine report system, automobile body is electronic-controlled system, batholith is electronic-controlled the ECU photograph coupling of each system such as system and information and communication system, form inside machine distributed computer network, implementation car electron is controlled integratedly.
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